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Teaching Excerpts

by Reeni Mederos from Some of the Included Mentoring Webinars

Mystērion Testimonies

Hear What Others Are Saying

"I can't even express the amazement at the class I signed up for by Reeni Mederos. Talk about a treasure trove of revelation! You have unlimited access to mind-blowing revelation."

Bernadette Elder

Mystērion Academy Student - Ordained Minister

"Oh wow, I really enjoy my webinars because it just adds to what I have been experiencing within sitting at the feet of Jesus Christ, and actually dancing on the sea of glass right by the throne of the Lord."

Sheridan Gay

Mystērion Academy Student

Apostle Mike Lee

Mystērion Academy Student - UK London

"Reeni is indeed a well seasoned Psalmist, intercessor, teacher and highly anointed. She is well versed in the Scriptures, moves with revelation and the love of Christ streams like rivers from her. ."

Valerie Sweeney

Mystērion Academy Student

"Thank You so much Reeni, I have been calling on the Angels (for some time now) and I have seen some answers, but this is more in depth and the Lord knew I needed this and more. In "AWE" in Him, can not believe what we have missed in our lives. Thank you again for answering your call!"

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